Lets get real.

I get it, life happens. Kids need to be taken to school, the house has to be cleaned, deadlines need to met and the list go on. With everything that has happened you have let your fitness and nutrition take a step back. You look at pictures before life got hectic and wonder where the time has gone. You feel defeated, lost, or worse hopeless. You want to get fit but with your life is crazy enough that adding a personal trainer would throw a wrench in your life.

But what if it didn’t throw a wrench in your life but instead flowed with your life?

We look at fitness trainers on the television, the one that are in your face yelling for you to do one more push up, or telling you to eat the skin of a grape. That kind of personal training does not flow with your everyday life. You are a one of a kind person that has a one of a kind life. Wouldn’t it be great if you where able to have a fitness program that fit your specific needs and flowed with your life?

Mojo fitness flows with your life

I do not have a cookie cutter program, or a six week super weight lose program. What I do is scientific, time tested, and proven. What I will do is find your BMR (Basel Metabolic Rate) and adjust it so your metabolism will get jumpstarted to lose weight and inches. Everyone’s BMR is different and must be calculated on an individual basis. I will hold you accountable through Macro counting. With this approach you will be able to live your life and lose weight at the same time.

Is it easy?

No, it is not easy. You will need to be honest with yourself. However I am here to help and encourage you along the way. I am a father of three young, energetic children that take most of my time and energy. I allowed my fitness to take a back seat and began to see my weight go up. I looked at weight programs that promised to lose weight fast. Nothing worked. With this scientific method I began to see the weight and inches come off. Energy is back and I found a new lease on life.

This is personal for me!

I am very passionate about seeing other reach their fitness goals. I know what it is like to allow myself to take a step back from the my personal fitness goals. That made me unhappy, depressed, and miserable and others around me noticed the dark cloud around me. I do not want that to happen to anyone else. You must take control of your personal fitness and nutrition, you will be happy you did.

Are you ready to get your Mojo back?

Lets do this together!

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