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Running, when that word is used you have an array of emotions that is spread across the fitness world. On one side you have the enthusiastic individual that has a set of running shorts for everyday of the year, a special set of running shoes for the trails or the street, and a wall of medals for every race they ran. They even have an empty spot for the “save the whale” 5k they are running in a week. However, On the other side you have the individuals that believe Cardio is just moving the weights faster. The stance that trainers take on running is split down the middle. You are either in love with it, or you hate it. That is it, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars. When I looked at the “Murph” I noticed that running had to be in my arsenal. I had to embrace my inner gazelle and run like the wind. However, when I started to make a running program for myself, I realized that my inner gazelle was spoiled, whiny, and wanted to lay on the couch eating Cheetos watching the food network. I had a goal to complete the “Murph” and the only way to do that was to run.

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Let us talk about running. If you are looking for a basic workout that you can start now, look no further than running. The steps are as follows step one walk, step two walk faster, congratulations you are now running. There are people that describe a since of euphoriant state that comes when you are running for long periods of time. You begin to have tunnel vision, your steps are in rhythm with your heartbeat, and all you can focus on is music coming from your headphones. This feeling is amazing, extraordinary, and something I have yet to experience in my own fitness experience. When I run long distances’, I have visions of passing out on the side of the road and having the EMT waking me up to the words “clear” as they do CPR. To participate in the “MURPH” you must be a runner. These are a few steps I have learned on how to get off the couch and able to run the miles in this workout.

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It all starts with a simple step. If you are thinking that you are going to wake up on the day of the work out and be mentally prepared for the race you are being foolish. Indecision is a decision and there is no substitute for action. You have a choice everyday if you will move or not. You must get off the couch and walk. Start by walking outside for five minutes. Let us break down your day. You have twenty-four hours, one thousand four hundred and forty minutes, and eighty-six thousand four hundred seconds. You can spare five minutes for a walk. Get off the couch and start moving.

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When you get use to walking on a consistent basis your body will desire to do more. It is in our nature to progress. We are competitive in nature and want to naturally be the best we can be. You will not be content where you are in life. You will want to take the next step in your training which is running. The best way to run will be interval training. You will need to be strategic in your approach to running. You cannot go out and run ten miles without taking small steps first. You will need to start small in order to get up to where you will need to go. I would start with twenty second run followed by forty second walk in 10 minutes intervals for a week.

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You have reached the test. You have been practicing for this moment. You have worked for this and now it is time for you to see how well you can do. Something I wish would have been explained to me was the mental aspect of running. When you have a specific goal in mind you could make it bigger in your head than it is. Calm down, breathe, and know it is series of steps to get you where you want to go. Running is 75% mental and 25% movement, so you will need to embrace the pain to get through this test. Understand, that you may not have the best time when you take this test. This is perfectly normal, like everything else you must trust the process to get the prize.

The “MURPH” is a brutal test that must be shown the respect it deserves. When you dedicate the time and effort to running you begin to believe that the rest of the workout Is possible. Running is the first step to conquering this workout. Now get off the couch and start moving

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