An Apple a Day Isn’t Enough

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When we look at the full picture of the we must understand how your nutrition plays an important role in you achieving your personal goals. When you look at your body as a vehicle, you must have a fuel source to make it “go”. When you look at your vehicle it is hard to make it run without fuel. We all have had that panic when the gas light comes on while we are driving our car. That is when we turn our attention to Carbohydrates. When it comes to getting energy you a have two primary sources, Carbohydrates and fatty acids. The goal is to have your carbohydrates as the primary fuel source for most of the activities you are doing. The more activity, the more carbohydrates are needed. This is not a free pass to go out to McDonalds and get all the fries that they have. You will need to have a steady balance of carbs and protein in order to function correctly.

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Protein is the key source of muscle mass and repair. When our muscles have worked a task they are literally ripped apart. When they are healing, they must have source to repair back stronger than ever. This is when amino acids come into play. Amino acids are the building blocks that are used to repair the muscle. They are the very essence of how the body can build them. You can get protein from a number of different ways. The most common ways are Steak, Chicken, Pork, and Fish. When you have a steady diet with the adequate portions of Protein you are giving the muscles a chance to repair. You are tearing your muscles apart, need to make sure you have the building blocks to repair them.

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Lipids are fats that we use in our everyday life. Lipids are apart of each cell including the ones that are found in the muscles. Like I mentioned before this is a form of energy that is used when the carbohydrates are depleted. Think of your lipids as the backup fuel source when the carbohydrates are depleted. When the Carbohydrates tank is gone the Lipids tank takes over. This is important, along with supplements, will help with the boosting of metabolism. We must have a healthy number of fats in order to reach our clients specific goals.

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These factors very from body type, health status, and performance goals. For example, if a middle-aged man has a desire to participate in the CrossFit open, they will need to up their training. This will not be able to happen without proper food and fuel for the performance. The diet is 70% of the work that will need to be completed in achieving your client’s goal of competing in the open. They can do all of the chin ups, thrusters, and cleans they want they will not achieve their goals. The best quote I have ever heard is an amazingly simple one, “you can’t outwork a bad diet.” You will need to get your food in check, without that important step It will be nearly impossible for you to achieve your fitness goals.

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