I Quit

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That’s it ladies and gentlemen. I am calling it quits in my life. It was a good run but I feel like I am better suited in other ventures. I am ready to ride off into the sunset and allow others to be faced with this burden. Enjoy the rest of this article about this topic, it will be my last.

I have allowed myself to be held back more times than I can count. When you allow yourself to be burdened you are walking around with a backpack full of bricks. Every time you add on another burden you are adding brick after brick into your backpack. Eventually you will be unable to reach the full potential you possess.  It is hard to soar to new heights with burdens weighing you down. The only way to get where you need to go as quickly as possible is to quit carrying the weight. I want to talk about some of the weights that you have in your backpack and how we can get rid of them.

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Have you ever thought about what doubt is? Doubt is worrying about something that has not happened yet. You see a task or opportunity, you assess it, then you doubt if you will be able to complete it. That is like having a Christmas present under the tree and not wanting to open it because you are afraid of what is under the wrapping paper. When we are crippled by doubt, we are limiting ourselves. You are stronger than you think and when you understand that doors will be opened for you that where previously closed. Doubt is worthless, and nothing good ever comes from self-doubt. When you have reached the point in your life that doubt has to step aside is when you will be able to reach different mountain tops in your life. Instead of doubting different things in your life, embrace the change and see what you can do. You never know what new horizons you may reach.

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Imagine that you had a big event coming up that is months down the road. Everyday you look at that date worrying about it never training or preparing just worrying. You stay up at night tossing and turning in your bed, you pace back and forth in your living room worrying about what will happen next. Then the day arrives, and you can’t preform at your best because you are worried about everything that could happen. When we worry about something that has not happened yet, we are allowing everything that could go wrong to have permanent residence in your mind. One of the best weapons you have in your arsenal is visualization. When we visualize ourselves winning you will have a higher chance of being successful. Imagine your mind has limited amount of space. Throughout your life you are filling the space in your mind until eventually it is so crammed that nothing else can get in. When you fill your mind with worry you are putting a blanket over everything good in your mind. You are not allowing all of the positive, all of the training and all that makes you special to come out. When you understand that you have the ability to conquer any obstacle you will face then you will be able to unload that burden that cripple so many people. Take off the blanket of doubt and trust that you will be able to complete any obstacle that comes your way.

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When we look at what cripples most people, fear must be at the top of the list. Fear is when you will not try something new because you are afraid of what may happen. When you are clouded by fear you will be content in what are doing in your daily life because it is safe. When you are safe in your own bubble you are just getting by in your everyday life. You get up, you go through the same routine, and you go to bed just to do it again later. We are not meant to be ordinary through this life. We are called to be warriors that conquer the day as it comes. You are not meant to be a bystander in this life. You are to conquer new challenges and take on new adventures. If everyone lived in fear automotive would be obsolete, space travel would be a failure, and even a child’s game like tag would be crippling. We need to make sure fear is as far away from our thinking to explore new territories. After all nothing ventured nothing gained.

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This takes me to the title of this post. I quit doubt because I will never know how good I can be at something unless I dive in. I quit worry because I will not make any obstacle bigger than it is supposed to be. I quit fear because I refuse to live in an environment where I play it safe. I suggest to everyone reading this post, to quit the burdens that have been weighing you down and allow yourself to conquer new heights. Take off the backpack and lets get to work!

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