Change – What is set in motion can be altered.

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If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Maybe you would change your appearance? Maybe you would change your finances? Maybe you would change something else that is important to your current situation. No matter how happy your life is, or how together you may be. The truth is that you can always find something that you will want to change in your life. Winston Churchill said “to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”. We are in a consistent state of wanting to improve ourselves. We have a desire to be better versions with every obstacle we face. When we are presented with a task we have the ability to assess the situation, and come up with a solution that will help us get the desired outcome. This is an amazing attribute that the human species has which sets us apart. However, there is a danger of staying in your own comfort zone.

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Let’s face it when you are going through a problem its hard. You must be taken from your current comfort zone into the unknown. We are scared and frustrated with the events that are in front of us. That is when the true nature of every individual comes out. When you get through it you will be better but that is lost on so many people that are going through a struggle. We will make it through anything that life throws our way, but it hurts at first and you feel miserable through the trial. That is why we fall into the trap of complacence. We have completed that trial and have made this our new comfort zone so why in the world would we want to leave? We all want to feel safe and protected this gives us a sense of calm and normality. This is a dangerous place to be at because it allows complacency and with complacency comes apathy. When you apathetic you have staled as a human being which goes against our very nature.

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If you have ever seen an animal in a cage, they are always looking for a way out. They are not comfortable in the cage they have been put in, so they want to expand from there current surroundings. Why is it that we are ok with being put in a cage? Not only are we ok with it, but we even made the cage ourselves. Why is it that we fight through an obstacle only to stay in a place of comfort? We are warriors called upon to conquer the very trials that hold us back. We are not meant to stay on the sidelines but get off our seats and get back in the game.

 What do we do now? The answer to this question will change your life. For everyone the answer will be the difference between success and failure. You will be able to explore new heights and conquer any mountain that comes your way. However, the alternative is to just stay where you are and exist. I will tell you my answer, it is to continue to fight. The ending to my story is not written yet. My pages will be filled with victories that have been won, scars that have been made, and chances that needed to be taken to get those victories. I will not go quiet into that dark night but instead embrace the sun that comes with challenges I choose to face in my life. I want to live a legacy for my children. I want to have the character traits that my daughter looks for in her future husband, I want to have the work ethic that will set my sons up for success in their future success, and I want my wife to know the kind of love and loyalty that last several lifetimes. This is my declaration that will carry with me for the rest of my life.

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The only question that is left to ask is what do you do now? Answer that and you will be one step closer to making meaningful changes to success in your life.

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