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Change – What is set in motion can be altered.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Maybe you would change your appearance? Maybe you would change your finances? Maybe you would change something else that is important to your current situation. No matter how happy your life is, or how together you may be. The truth is that you…

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I Quit

That’s it ladies and gentlemen. I am calling it quits in my life. It was a good run but I feel like I am better suited in other ventures. I am ready to ride off into the sunset and allow others to be faced with this burden. Enjoy the rest of this article about this…

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More than a workout

Your alarm goes off. You reluctantly hit the snooze button, roll out of bed, and start brushing your teeth. You pick out your outfit, take one last look in the mirror and head downstairs to get your coffee on your way out the door. When you walk outside you notice the sun is shining, birds…

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Spartan – You versus you

If you are like me, you have a normal daily routine. You get up, brush your teeth, take a shower, get dressed, have breakfast then go to work. You work at your eight hour a day job, get in your car and head home. You get dinner ready, wash the dishes, watch some Netflix then…

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Spartan – You will know at the finish line

How do you feel? This question is very telling. When it is cloudy outside, we tend to feel down and when the sun is out we tend to have a “pep in our step”. There are several factors in our life that dictate how we are to feel at any given moment. What if you…

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Mental Reps – Perseverance

Why do you work out? If you are looking at this post, you must have a desire to be fit or at least live a healthier lifestyle. We spend a fortune on skinny lattes, waist trimmers, and get fit quick schemes that leave us unsatisfied and depressed. I have a challenge for you walk into…

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An Apple a Day Isn’t Enough

When we look at the full picture of the we must understand how your nutrition plays an important role in you achieving your personal goals. When you look at your body as a vehicle, you must have a fuel source to make it “go”. When you look at your vehicle it is hard to make…

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Training for the Murph – The Run

Running, when that word is used you have an array of emotions that is spread across the fitness world. On one side you have the enthusiastic individual that has a set of running shorts for everyday of the year, a special set of running shoes for the trails or the street, and a wall of…

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Hypertrophy – Getting to the size of the matter.

When we look at trying to achieve muscle mass we tend to look at it from a barbaric sense. We go in, we find heavy weights, we lift heavy weights, and walk away looking like the Hulk or She hulk. We look at people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and think they are hopeless meat heads that…

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Training for the Murph

There are only a few things in this world that can be known by a single name. When you think about NBA Basketball names like Kobe, Lebron, and Jordan spark an emotion and highlights flash through your mind. They need no introduction or, in many cases, validation. They have stood the test of time and…

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Lets get real.

I get it, life happens. Kids need to be taken to school, the house has to be cleaned, deadlines need to met and the list go on. With everything that has happened you have let your fitness and nutrition take a step back. You look at pictures before life got hectic and wonder where the…

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