My Story

I have always had a trouble with weight. I would go about my day and to day treating food as a cooping mechanism. I would eat food when ever I felt depressed or insecure. I would live day to day with a smile on my face hiding the battle that was going on underneath. Sometimes, I would find myself not wanting to get out of bed for weeks at a time. Nothing helped me to overcome this feeling of emptiness and hurt that wouldn’t go away.

I moved out of my parents house at the age of twenty one. Still lost and empty unsure what I am going to do with my life. I met my wonderful wife and got married at the age of twenty three. in the eleven years of marriage we have three beautiful children, a house, a dog, and three cats. If you look at our lives on the outside you could say that we have the perfect setup. However, if you do not take your problems headon and elementate the root they will eventually grow back. Not facing my personal insecurities and selfdoubt I was left with the emptiness and insecurites coming back.

I joined the the world of law enforcment in order to mask the self doubt that I had in a badge. Unfortunitly, I struggled in the academy with doubt. I completed my training and am a detention officer. I was gaining weight and doubt would always pleague me. It was exhausting carrying that weight around and not knowing how to let it go.

I heard about a class happening at a local crossfit gym named Golden Titan in Surprise AZ. They offered a free class on Saturdays. I have always wanted to try but never thought I was good enough to complete the workouts. I decided to at least try to attend the workout. The workout was a partner tabata workout thirty seconds on the assualt bik and thirty seconds jump rope. It took everything I had to finish that workout. The instructor said “ok now rest two minutes and we will do the second workout”. My heart was beating at an accelerated rate, my lungs where on fire, and i couldn’t stand. I felt like dying outside while everyone inside was doing the second work out. In that pain while I was trying to recover I felt something that I haven’t felt in a long time, I felt peace.

I started to workout everyday. I would go to the gym anytime they had a class and noticed a change in my attitude and mood. I would wanted to be better and this gave me a outlet to do that. I found my purpose in life and something that could pull me out of the hole I found myself in all these years. I became obssesed with this journey. Throughout this journey I have lost 70lbs!!!!! I went back to school for my exercise science degree, became certified in Sports Nutrition, and have a mission to help as many people as I can reach their fitness goals. Maybe you feel like you are lost and depressed. Maybe you feel alone and trapped in your current situation. I can help you get the confidence throughout your life because I have done it for my own.


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